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Did you ever think you would own your own business?

Yes, ever since I was 5 I’ve always said I was going to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company and a millionaire.


What’s it like to “own” a business as a full time artist?

It’s wonderful but it’s honestly like another job. You’re managing people, products, and your brand, all while having to still be creative, holy and profitable.


How does it feel to be a woman in a male dominated industry?

I think it’s empowering to know that I can truly achieve whatever I’d like to do. I like being the “minority” or “underdog” because it’s just more motivation to kill it.


What are your goals in the music industry?

My ultimate goal is to impact people’s lives and share the gospel. I want to leave a legacy of excellence and be as successful as possible so I can use the power for good to empower those who don’t have access to the opportunities and privileges I was afforded.


Are there any female businesswomen that you look up to?

I look up to Dana Chanel. I think she’s a great example of being a young, Christian, millionaire who uses her blessings to help pull others up as well. She’s constantly striving to educate people with keys to success while keeping God at the core.

Also Teresa LaBarbera, I love how she maintains a pure and sweet spirit that truly cares and fights for her artists. She’s taught me the value of hard work, excellence, and not being fearful of being the only woman in the room which is why her artists such as Beyonce and Chole x Halle are doing very well.


What stereotypes do you want to break in the music industry?

I want to break the stereotype that in order to be financially successful in Hip Hop you have to compromise your character and the way you represent God. I want to be fully Christian and fully successful.


If you can give a rising entrepreneur or artists advice what would it be?  

All successful people have three things in common, faith, perseverance, and grind. Follow your dreams, invest in your craft, and listen to the advice of people of people who live a life you’d want to have. If God is telling you step out on faith, then the advice of people who have actually done that and succeed is more valuable than the advice of someone who has never done that and is living a fearful life.



Do you have a bible scripture or quote that inspires you to work hard?

I like Luke 16:10 because it reminds me that no matter where I’m at success wise, I need to be faithful with what God gave me. If I can be faithful with the little things, I’ll be ready when God decides to bring the bigger things.


Do you presently have a mentor?

For the longest time I didn’t have a mentor. Jesus and my mom were my mentors essentially. I think that’s why we need more women in positions of power with a heart to give back. I’m extremely ambitious and most of the people who happen to have the careers I’d want are men. Also in my experience with women, many feel they can’t help another woman because you’ll “take their spot” which is an unhealthy ideology. That left it very tricky to find a mentor, especially since I’m particular about who I let influence me. But luckily over time I’ve found some great women to pour into my life in different seasons spiritually or career wise such as Shawn Washington, Keneshia Colwell, Amanda Small, and Teresa LaBarbera.

What are two long term goals for your career? What challenges do you think you will have to overcome to accomplish them?

I want my career and accomplishments to be so great that the mainstream market has no choice but to respect, look, and see what the source behind all of it is; which will always be God.

I want to influence the top artists in the world to pursue God and be unafraid to talk about faith in their music.

I think I’ll have to overcome the internal fear many Christians feel to be unapologetically themselves in all settings. I think I’ll also have to overcome the challenge of the industry not knowing where to place faith infused hip hop and where it can live.

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