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Why do you think people, especially younger people, hesitate to come into full relationship with Christ?

I think a lot of people feel they need to be “perfect” before they can come to Christ. When you’re young you don’t have it all together, and you’re probably still dealing with your ratchetness, so it can seem overwhelming or like you’ll never measure up. On top of that many churches stress rules rather than relationship which reinforces the feeling that you have to give up having fun to be a full blown Christ follower. One thing I’ve found is Christ desires a relationship with us, once you begin to grasp that it takes off a lot of pressure because you realize He wants you to come as you are and He simply wants to fellowship with you. Just like any normal relationship, overtime you’ll notice yourself acting like who you spend time with, and the same thing applies to your relationship with Christ. Any “loss” was never a true loss because I gained peace, joy, and a great relationship with one who will never fail me.


Can you tell us how you came into relationship with Christ?


For the longest time I thought I was a Christian just because I went to church and believed in God. However it wasn’t until 2009 that I began to realize that Christ didn’t die so that we could go to a building every Sunday, but he died so we could have a relationship with Him.

In 2009 at a summer camp called Discovery Camp in Columbus Texas I heard a testimony from a girl similar to me named Abby and I began to realize that Jesus didn’t come to make bad people good, He came to make dead people live.

I gave my life fully over to Jesus and my life has never been the same, my decisions, how I carry myself, and where I get my validation all come from the word of God. I gained peace, joy, and eternal life.

When I got back home from camp the real world hit and I had to choose if I really wanted to take this relationship seriously. The Muslim side of my family was fine with me going to church with my mom as a child because they wanted me to have “good morals” but when I began to share the message of eternal life and how God sent Jesus to die and resurrect so we could have a relationship with Him, I was met with opposition and was no longer allowed to go to church. Even as a teenager I didn’t let that stop me and I would wake up at 5am before people were awake so I could read my bible, and get up at 5 on Sundays and follow my mom her nursing job so someone could take me to church from there. Even to get baptized I couldn’t tell my family because they were extremely against it.

All of those things made my relationship with God a very personal decision that I don’t take lightly. At the beginning it was just me, Jesus, and my mom. I’m glad that along the journey God has been able to bless me to allow my family to see God’s power in my life and respect my decision.


What’s a scripture that’s kept you grounded over the years?

One scripture that’s kept me grounded over the years is Matthew 6:33 which says “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” I love this verse because it helps me prioritize my decision  making process and removes stress. If I keep God first in my life I don’t have to worry becuase He’ll make sure all of the extras are taken care of.


How does your faith shine through your music?

I think my faith shines through with content and delivery. Lyrically I like to display different aspects of Christ through all of my songs through lessons He’s taught me, praise, stories in the bible, or what I’m currently going through. Also delivery wise my faith shines though because since I’m representing an all powerful and all knowing God I want the creativity and confidence to shine through every lyric you hear from me.


How has your family structure affected your faith?

My family structure has affected my faith by making me choose faith as an individual decision rather than something I just do because it’s how I was raised. My household is divided being half Muslim and half Christian. With this split the Christian side celebrated me getting saved while the Muslim side discouraged it. I could’ve chosen any path but I truly feel Christ is the way to salvation.


As a young adult, do you ever feel pressured by sex, drugs and alcohol?  What advice do you have for your peers?

I feel that as a young adult, especially one involved in Hip Hop culture, sex, drugs, and alcohol are everywhere and in some cases celebrated. As someone who chooses to follow Christ, I also choose to follow Christ’s advice when it comes to either distancing myself from those things or waiting until the proper time to enjoy them. If I truly believe He has my best interests at heart, then the smartest decision is to take the wisdom and follow His advice. With that in mind it becomes easier to weed out temptations because I already have my mind made up that that’s not the life for me. A practical way that has helped me navigate this is surrounding myself with friends who have a similar mindset.

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