How did you become an artist?

I randomly discovered I could rap in my 9th grade biology class. After that it slowly became a passion as I discovered I could use it to impact people’s lives while having fun.


Were you always inclined to make music?

I always had talent in music but never thought of it in the career sense. In elementary school we had a strong music program that taught us the basics of music, in middle school I learned to play the flute and picked up a little guitar and piano. I also enjoyed listening to music like most people do, but could never imagine all of this.


What’s the hardest part of being an artist?

The hardest part of being an artist is managing everything beyond the music. You’re essentially a CEO of your brand and you have to make smart business decisions from who you choose to be on your team, to how you represent your brand, all on top of taking care of yourself and putting out great music.


Where do you draw inspiration from for your music?

I draw inspiration from interacting with people and spending time with God. I usually end up having some type of epiphany that I want to share in the music. Also beats inspire me, usually the beat will trigger my brain to know what needs to be said on the song.


As an artist do you have a particular “style” in your music?

I’m still in the experimental phase and I think that’s great because it represents me as a person. I’m very diverse so you can get ratchet raps one day and melodic singing the next day.


How does fashion play a role in your aesthetic?

I love fashion! I think for the longest time I didn’t express my full love for fashion because I felt people would judge me and think “who does she think she is.” But now I feel that it’s another way for me to display my personality in clothing form. The aesthetic will always be on fleek.


How have you seen yourself develop as an artist over the years?

I think I’ve gained depth. I’ve went from just writing raps, to writing full conceptual songs. I’m even expanding into producing now. I’ve also gained more confidence, when I started I was very young so there was a pressure to be others idea of who they think I should be, rather than me being who I truly am. I’m now not afraid to say no and I’m vocal about exactly what I want.


What’s your favorite adlib?

It’s lit!

What’s it like being in the studio with your other label mates?

Everyone has their own personality and working style so it’s a different experience depending on the person. But it’s usually tons of fun and almost like a family bonding session because for an artist to let you into their creative process they have to be vulnerable and trust you.


How do you manage to remember all of your lyrics?

I think it’s easy for me to remember my lyrics because I write how I speak so it flows naturally. Also usually by the end of a session you’re gonna say a verse at least 3 times just to get different takes, so your brain naturally learns it.

But I always do refreshers before shows so I don’t get caught slipping.

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